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Since 2011, BIOCHEMPRO has developed the strong sales network in worldwide, in more than 15 countries under the mutual trust and close collaboration. And we are going to expand the markets to Europe, Middle East, Latin America, and North America step by step. Especially, BIOCHEMPO is one of well-known suppliers in many countries in South East Asian Countries with good reputation and technical services as a solution provider for cosmetics for a long time. We are pursuing the stern sales strategy, Beauty With Science – for young and health with the rapidly evolving life science. BIOCHEMPRO is drawing a Big picture for the future how to satisfy customers in Beyond Satisfaction.

From Nature

We believe “Nature is the Best Teacher for cosmetics. One of BIOCHEMPRO’s motto is ‘Pioneering Natural Beauty’ which is widely spreading in the world with respect for people and nature. We have been introducing state-of art natural cosmetic ingredients especially from Korea.

Fill Science

Cosmetics are the products with emotional brilliance. With filling with scientific evidences, the cosmetics shall be more trustworthy and acceptable. BIOCHEMPRO is doing big efforts to support the theoretic background of technologies and applications as well as effectiveness of the products.

For Beauty

Staying healthy and beauty is always important at any age. However, beauty is not limited in good appearance or good condition but internal beauty in physical and emotional ways. BIOCHEMPRO wants to make people with happiness and wellness live life to the fullness whatever your age or circumstances.

Meet Solution Provider from Korea

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